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Click on any of the following thumbnail images to see a larger photo or image.  The first photo on the left is Bertha Yarmovsky (probably taken in Bialystok about 1911); the second photo is Bertha Yarmovsky Zywotow (naturalization photo from 1942); the second photo is Louis Zywotow (about 1921).

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Bertha (Brine) Yarmovsky was born 8/13/1894 in Bialystok, Poland (then part of Russia) and died on 2/2/1982 in NJ.  She immigrated to the U.S. about 1914.  Louis (Leib) Zywotow immigrated to the U.S. about 1913.  Bertha married Louis Zywotow on 6/13/1918.  They had three children.  Their NYC marriage license application showed Bertha's address in 1918 as 119 E. 1st St., NY, her occupation as a dressmaker and her place of birth as Grodna (which would be the province of Grodno), Russia.  Louis' address was shown at 51 E. 2nd St., NY, his occupation as a laundryman and his place of birth as Kiev (which would be the province), Russia. 

Louis Zywotow was born on 9/17/1896, probably in Zvenigorodka (66 km NE of Uman), Ukraine (then part of Russia) and died on 12/29/1982 in NJ.  (Louis' brother Philip was born in Zvenigorodka in 1894.)  Zywotow was shortened from the Polish version of the family name, Zywotowsky.  The Yiddish version of the name was Zhivotovsky and is more commonly seen.  The name Zywatow (Polish) is the same as Zivatov (Yiddish) and Zivotov (German) and refers to a town known as Novozhivotov or Zhivotovka which is 73 km NW of Uman.  When surnames were adopted in the early 1800's, the family likely lived somewhere else (possibly Zvenigorodka) and was known as the family from Zhivotovka. 

The 1920 Federal Census showed Bertha, age 24, and Louis Zywotow, age 23, living at 482 Hinsdale St. in Brooklyn, NY.  Louis was shown as employed in Laundry and was shown as an alien who immigrated in 1913.  Bertha was shown as having immigrated in 1914.

Louis was naturalized as a U.S. citizen on 2/16/1928 in Jersey City, NJ, with his age shown as 31 and his name shown as Louis Zywotowsky.  He signed the naturalization certificate Louis Zywotow.  At the time of his naturalization in 1928, the family lived at 329 Jackson Ave., Jersey City, NJ.

The 1930 Federal Census showed Bertha, age 35, and Louis Zywotow, age 35, living at 592 E. 92nd St. in Brooklyn, NY, paying a monthly rent of $70.  Louis was shown as having immigrated in 1914, naturalized, and as the owner of a gasoline station business.  Bertha was shown as immigrating in 1915.  Note:  Louis owned a gasoline station with his brother-in-law, Morris Yarmovsky. 

Bertha was naturalized as a U.S. citizen on 12/9/1942 in Jersey City, NJ.  The family was living at 235-75th St., North Bergen, NJ, when Bertha was naturalized in 1942. 

Bertha's social security application, dated 5/30/73, showed her living at 1315 Anderson Ave., Ft. Lee, NJ.  It showed her born in 1894 as Bertha Yarmovsky in Bialystok, Russian Poland, with her mother named as Hannah and her father as Samuel David Yarmovsky.

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