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Click on any of the following thumbnail images to see a larger photo or image.  The first photo on the left is Morris in Bialystok; the second photo is Morris and his wife Toby; the third photo is Morris and his sister Dora; and the fourth photo was taken in Bialystok and shows Morris on the left.  The fifth and sixth images are from the Campania ship's passenger records and show Morris on line 18.

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Morris Yarmovsky and friend in Bialystok

Morris (Moishe) Yarmovsky was born in 4/18/1885 in Grodno (the name of the province where Porechany was located) and died on 7/30/1979 in the U.S.  He married Dora (known as Toby or Tauba) Elfman and they had three children.  Dora was born on 1/1/1894 in Poland and died on 3/7/1993 in Florida.  Morris emigrated from Manchester, England to the U.S. on the ship Campania sailing from Liverpool, England arriving in NYC on 1/9/1909 enroute to his cousin L. (or S.?) Itzkovitz at 348 Ellery St. in Brooklyn. 

The 1910 Federal Census showed Morris (age 25) as a boarder at 101 Monroe St., NYC.  He was single with his occupation shown as a tailor.

A Declaration of Petition (dated 6/1/1912) to become a U.S. citizen showed Morris as born in Grodna, Russia, and living in Manchester, England before arriving in NYC.  In 1912, Morris lived at 122 E. 2nd St in NYC.  In 1915, he lived in Jamaica, Long Island, NY.  He was 5'7" and his occupation was tailor.  Morris' Petition for Naturalization was sworn on 5/1/1919 and had him living at 3403 14th Ave., Brooklyn, with his wife Dora and two children.  Morris became a U.S. citizen on 12/11/1919. 

The 1920 Federal Census showed Morris and his wife Dora living with their two kids and Morris' brother Hyman and his sister Dora at 3507 14th Ave. in Brooklyn.  Morris (age 34) was shown as coming from Bialystok and his wife Dora (age 26) from Warsaw.  Morris was shown as having arrived in the U.S. in 1910 and his wife Dora in 1912.  Morris was employed as an operator in a clothing factory, his brother Hyman (age 25) as a plumber in his own shop, and his sister Dora (age 27) as a dressmaker in a factory.

Morris' social security application, which was dated 12/4/1936, showed him living at 46-52 Myrtle Ave., Ridgewood, NY (which is in Queens) and working at Y&Z Gasoline Service St. Inc. at 1805 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY.  His parents were shown as Samuel David Yarmovsky and Henie Silverstein.  His birth date was shown as 4/18/1885 and place of birth as Poland.  Note: Y&Z Gasoline Service Station was a family business run by Morris and his brother-in-law Louis Zywotow.  Other family members worked there as well including brother-in-law Meyer Mines.

Dora's social security application, which was dated 5/17/1951, showed her living at 146 E. 93 St., Brooklyn, NY.  It showed her name at birth as Dora Elfman, the daughter of Joseph Elfman and Sarah Steiner.  Her birth date was shown as Jan. 1, 1894, with Poland as the place of birth.  She worked at Lillian Davis Realty Corp., 215 Hansbury Ave., Newark, NJ.

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