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  Shmuel David Yarmovsky

Shmuel David Yarmovsky1

  Sara Yarmovsky Davis & Aaron "Harry" Davis2  
Libby Yarmovsky Mendelson3 Simon Mendelson
Morris Yarmovsky 4Dora Elfman Yarmovsky
 Dora & Jack Donner5  
Dora Yarmovsky Donner Jack Donner
Bertha Yarmovsky Zywotow 4Louis Zywotow

1Shmuel David Yarmovsky died in July 1930 and was buried in Bialystok, Poland.  It is not known which cemetery he was buried in and whether the gravestone still exists.
2Sara Davis and Aaron Davis (legal name was Harry Davis) are buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery.  The cemetery is located at 130-04 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY 11352 with the entrance at the junction of 495 (Long Island Expressway) and the Van Wyck Expressway.  One way to get to the cemetery is to get on 495 East (the Long Island Expressway) either from Long Island or from the Clearview Expressway by way of the Throgs Neck Bridge.  While proceeding on 495 East towards Manhattan, take exit 22B, turn left on College Point Blvd. into the middle lane to turn left and then stay right for the entrance of Mt. Hebron Cemetery.  (Exit 12b from the Van Wyck Expressway would also likely be near the cemetery entrance as well.)  The Davis stone is located in the Workmen's Circle section, Block 75, which is located on the Van Wyck side of the cemetery.  The Davis stone is 17 rows up from Workmen's Circle Entrance Two at the bottom road (or 3 rows up from the corner of the retaining wall on the right) and is 4 stones from the wall on the right.  The Workmen's Circle stones are in burial date order with the Davis stone in the 1946 section.
3Libby and Simon Mendelson are buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery.  The cemetery is located at 1126 Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314.  One way to get to the cemetery is to proceed on Interstate 95 in NJ to exit 13 for the Goethals Bridge to the Staten Island Expressway (278).  On the expressway, take exit 7 which is not too far from the bridge, then wind around to Richmond Ave. to take a left north on Richmond.  After passing Melissa St., watch for the cemetery entrance on the left which is at the corner of the cemetery and then turn into the cemetery passing the office on the left.  Pass through 3 circles to Section B.  After the third circle, stop at the Waslikover Bruederlicher Verein gate at #8 on the left.  (Wasilkow is a town very close and to the northeast of Bialystok, Poland.)  The Mendelson stones are located near the back of the Waslikover section which has the women buried on the left and the men on the right.  Libby's stone is on the left several stones in from the center.  Simon's stone is on the right at the end of the row.  Note: As of 2003, much of the back section of the Waslikover section was overgrown with various ivies including poison ivy.     
4Morris and Dora Yarmovsky and Bertha and Louis Zywotow are buried at Bnai Abraham Memorial Park.  The cemetery is located at 2600 Route 22 East, Union, NJ 07083.  To get to the cemetery, use exit 140a on the Garden State Parkway and go west on Route 22.  The cemetery (which is between a Home Depot and a Target) is on the left across from the parking lot of a Boston Market which is in the divider on Route 22.  The Yarmovsky and Zywotow graves are on the right well towards the back of the cemetery to the right (west) of a tree next to a Zins bench which is next to the road on the right.
5Jack and Dora Donner are buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Gill Lane, Iselin, NJ 08830.  This cemetery is close to Woodbridge Center Mall.  One way to get to the cemetery is to go south on the Garden State Parkway and get off at Exit 131a and turn left to return to the Garden State Parkway north to Exit 131b.  After exiting at 131b, turn left, then go right on Gills Lane.  When arriving at the cemetery (which is on both sides of the road), turn left by the cemetery office.  Continue past the office and then turn right at the corner of Lebanon Ave. and 3rd Ave. in the cemetery.  Stop just past a line of trees on the left.  The Donner stones are on the left near the road, Jack at Grave 11 and Dora at Grave 13, in Block 11, Sec. 1, Lot 43.  Block numbers are impressed on the beginning edge of the concrete sidewalks.         

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