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Shmuel David Yarmovsky (son of Hillel) was born in 1840 in Russia.  He married Hene in 1864.  He was in the milk business until the Russian Czar, Alexander III, passed an edict forbidding Jews to live on farms and his cows were confiscated (this likely occurred in the spring of 1881).  Shmuel David was tall and imposing, dark-haired and red-bearded.  He was scholarly and spent his afternoons reading the Torah.  He was also a master story-teller.  Shmuel died in July 1930 in Bialystok, Poland.

Prior to Bialystok, Shmuel David lived in Zhetl (also known as Zdzieciol) which was part of Russia and is now known as Dyatlovo, Belarus.  Previous to Zhetl, he lived in Porechany (also known as Paracany), which was part of Russia and is now part of Belarus.  Porechany was known as Porzeczany when it was part of Poland.  All three known places where Shmuel David lived were first part of Russia, then all were part of Poland, and two later became part of Belarus.  All three places were in the Grodno gubernia or province. 

Shmuel David's father was Hillel according to the inscription on his gravestone.  Shmuel David named his first child Hillel (born about 1866 when Shmuel David was 26) thus making it quite certain that Shmuel David's father was not living at the time.  This suggests that Shmuel David's father may have died at a relatively young age and that Shmuel David may have had few siblings.  Or Shmuel David may just have been one of the last born in a large family. 

There is a family story about a brother of Shmuel David's emigrating to Chicago although no other evidence of that has yet been found.  Other Yarmovsky's (in addition to Shmuel David's children) are known to have emigrated to the U.S., but no evidence has yet been found that they are related to Shmuel David although they also came from towns in Grodno province. 

A 1928 Bialystok deed from Shmuel David Yarmovsky to his daughter Rachel Sapiro referenced a debt to Icko Ber Yarmovsky.  Icko Ber was certainly a relative of Shmuel David's and possibly was a brother. 

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